OK – I’m going to give this Blog another try. This is going to be my third run at it. Each time something gets between me and the time required to post regularly. The acquisition of my company by Blast Radius, the birth of my third and then fourth child. You know, small things.

Sometimes, it seems to me that time happens all at once. I bumped into a woman recently, with whom I was madly in love as a young man (15, 16 years old). It was like the last 20 years never happened. My tongue felt like a throw rug – I half expected my face to bust out in acne. Sitting here at the computer, in my house, it seems now like a million years ago, but in that moment on the sidewalk it was like somebody had put the two ends of the string together, and I just stepped across from 1985 into my (somewhat chubbier) body. Maybe some parts of us are outside time, happening all at once. Maybe when you love someone, they occupy some physical part of your brain that only activates when they’re there with you. If you’re together, your love can grow. If you’re apart, it’s frozen, like in amber, waiting…

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