All your base are belong to us

[shoebox] workbuyconsume_article
Wow. They’re mad.

It’s some how not as catchy as “Workers of the world, unite!” but I think it comes from the same place…

In “What’s your Antidote?” Alan Moore writes that “we shun traditional organisations in favour of unmediated relationship to the things we care about. The new individuals thus demand a high quality of direct participation and influence. They have skills to lead, confer and discuss, and they are not content to be good foot soldiers.” Damn right. It’s not just that we want you (marketer) to give up control over your brand, it’s that your brand already belongs to us. We simply don’t care what you think your brand is all about. We’re going to mash it up for ourselves, and all the little ™ symbols in the world ain’t gonna stop us. Our culture belongs to us.


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