My interview on Raincity Radio

Just a quick note that my interview with Dave O from Raincity Studios has made its way to the web. Since that interview, our membership numbers have nearly quadrupled, but the basic message remains the same. Those Raincity guys are a lot of fun – Dave and I bonded over our love of hockey history. He especially loved the vintage 1916 Vancouver Millionaires jersey I was wearing (see pic). Any other Cyclone Taylor fans out there?


One Response to “My interview on Raincity Radio”

  1. DaveO Says:

    Yup, it took me a bit to get the show up with the Bryght/Raincity acquisition – gave you time to get another app out too!

    Looking forward to seeing These are my kids at Launch Party tonight.

    Your success is astounding but hardly surprising considering your clear and flexible vision combined with your practical knowledge.

    You know i’ve been combing the ‘net and shops for one of those sweaters! Guess i’m going to have to build a time machine to get me one at the old Denman Arena.

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